Current Tenants

Maintenance Request

Repair Requests please fill out the information below.

    Please know that the following are the tenant’s responsibility:

    • Ensure that the requested repair is covered by the lease.
    • Schedule an appointment that is mutually convenient with the service provider, as they will not be given a key to enter.
    • To pay the service provider’s trip charge if the tenant misses a scheduled appointment.
    • To reimburse the owner for the full cost of the service invoice if the reported repair item is found to be the tenant’s responsibility (such as a tripped breaker or GFI, clogged toilet, bad light bulb, etc.)

    Move-Out Requirements

    Your lease requires that you submit a written notice to vacate at least 30 days prior to your lease expiration. Once your 30-Day Move Out Notice has been submitted to our office, you will be mailed a

    Move Out Requirements letter.